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Tesla's FSD update rolling out to more beta testers

A growing number of Tesla Full Self Driving testers are reporting that they've started receiving FSD beta v10.69.1.1. This comes hot on the heels of recent news that the Tesla FSD package has officially been raised to $15,000. 

Tesla now plans to release 10.69.2 later this week, with the final 10.69 update expected to roll out to all 100,000 Beta testers. The company initially aimed to release the last update for v10.69 earlier this week, though Elon Musk explained that Tesla still needs more time to polish v10.69.2. Based on the growing number of users, it appears that Papa Elon's team needs more user data before making changes.

“Another rollout of Full Self-Driving Beta v10.69.1.1 has begun within the last few minutes to ~3-5% more testers,” tweeted Teslascope. The update tracker believes that Tesla will roll out v10.69.1.1 to more users each day until the release of 10.69.2.

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